About us

FEIPLAR COMPOSITES & FEIPUR aims to assist the growth and development of composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics/thermoplastic composites markets throughout South America. These markets have registered significant growth in recent years and point to interesting prospects for the coming years as well.


  • bring new solutions in raw materials, auxiliary products, equipment, processes, services and technologies to manufacturers of composite, polyurethane or engineering plastics/thermoplastic compounds in Latin America
  • show, to professionals who specify, indicate or buy parts, in the most varied industrial segments, that parts in composites, polyurethanes and engineering plastics/thermoplastic compounds present improved and superior technical advantages in relation to several materials available on the market, thus enabling , productivity and performance gains in the vast majority of parts and installation/construction projects
  • to honor the professionals and companies of great performance in the composites, polyurethane and engineering plastics/thermoplastic compounds industries, and the new developments of parts, through the Excellence Award and Hall of Fame
  • allow new knowledge through areas totally dedicated to training, parts manufacturing and testing.

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