We regularly send emails on topics related to graphic and visual communication products. These emails refer to product launches, current product lines, dissemination of new technologies, among other approaches. Our shipments happen through the e-mails: @sgsim.com.br and @artsim.com.br.

If you are interested in receiving these communications (and are not receiving them), we kindly ask you to check your “Junk Electronics” box. If they are being directed to this box, just mark them as “Not Junk E-Mail” (for this, when you find our emails in the Junk E-mail box, right-click and you will see the “Junk E-Mail” icon. Then just click and you will find “Not Junk Mail”).

See more about ArtSim’s graphic and visual communication products by visiting our website  www.artsim.com.br.

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